FAQ/Care Information

Pendant dimensions 

4 grams 
Each pendant is completely handmade so sizing is approximate and will slightly vary from piece to piece .

Care information 

Looking after your Faodail originals jewellery piece is easy and for best results a standard silver polishing cloth will be all you need to brighten and clean your piece. 
For heavy cleaning please soak in luke warm soapy water and clean with a very soft bristle toothbrush, rinse with clean water, dry then polish with a silver polishing cloth. 
Faodail originals line predominantly uses agate stones and inlay setting so an ultrasonic cleaner should never be used neither heavy cleaning products like chemicals or silver dip products this will risk damaging your jewellery. 

Colour changes 

Faodail uses only natural untreated stones and occasionally due to the nature of these stone’s (predominantly agate) slight (and rarely extreme) colour changes can occur, this can be due to a few factor’s like heat changes, foreign liquids and time. 
Some stones will display slight colour changes from body heat alone sometimes dulling a piece other times making details more vivid. 
Your piece must be kept away from liquids such as used dish water, oily liquids and heavy perspiration, most agates are slightly porous but some are more porous than others and will absorb the impurities in these liquids and this can cause undesirable changes in colour.